A Holiday that Could Change Your Life

For busy people, the value of holidays is incomparable. Finding a travel company that can offer a trip that makes all that hard work worthwhile can often be a challenge. But Transun, transuna tour operator with over thirty years’ experience, have holiday experiences that can finally offer something extraordinary.

Established in 1982, Transun have been developing holiday experiences that provide customers with some of the world’s best sights and destinations. Specialising in city day breaks, an idea that they pioneered, Transun even offer the chance to get away for the day and be home by dusk. Customers can visit Santa in Lapland, or explore the Arctic with Transun in just one day. Now that’s a good day out.

For longer trips, Transun also have short breaks (a week or less) or longer breaks, depending on customer’s availability. With destinations that include Norway, Croatia, Greenland and Iceland – there’s plenty of exotic countries within your reach. For those who are tired of the stress that goes with planning a holiday, Transun’s itineraries make sure clients have the best experience without any of the stress that goes with it.

Transun holidays include trips to Geothermal lagoons, opportunities to see the Northern Lights from several locations and adventurous trips where customers can drive a snowmobile or try cross-country skiing. For those looking to relax in the sun, Transun have found hidden beaches with all the sunshine, but without all the tourists.

With Transun, customers can fly from all over the UK. Their holidays begin in 13 different UK airports, so there is plenty to choose from. Transun understand the importance of making holidays as easy as possible, and are experts in offering experiences that minimise stress and maximise enjoyment.

Transun can tailor each holiday with a selection of experiences suited to families, groups, individuals and couples. They also offer destinations for weddings and events, which can make a special occasion that extra bit special. Video updates from Transun will give customers more of an insight into what choices they have with the company.

Fully bonded with ATOL and ABTA, as well as fully CAA licensed, booking with Transun means ensuring peace of mind. Regardless of the state of the company, customers are ensured that their money is protected and that they are returned home safely.

Transun holidays that could change your life; whether it’s seeing the world’s sights, relaxing on a beautiful beach or skiing to your heart’s content – Transun have it all.

Start planning your holiday with Transun

The nights may be drawing in a little earlier and you may find yourself searching for an umbrella, but that doesn’t mean that the summer is over just yet. Transun believes that now is the perfect chance to get away. With the rush of the summer season coming to a close and temperatures cooling all across the continent, now is the perfect time to enjoy a relaxing, comfortable holiday at a great price.

Transun are the leading, independent tour operators who, having spent 30 years in the business, know when the right time to strike is. Every Transun tour operator has personal, first-hand experience with each of the countries and destinations on their itinerary which means that you’re in safe hands.

transunPerhaps one of the lesser-known travelling hotspots on the European continent is that of Bosnia-Herzegovina. Transun have discovered that its often tremulous but and varied history leads to an immensely fascinating culture which will have you gripped from the outset. As the result of colliding influences from the Eastern Ottoman and the Western Austro-Hungarian empires both making their mark on Bosnia-Herzegovina, you’ll find yourself in a fantastic melting pot. Plus, with this year making the centenary of World War One, Transun offer you the chance to visit the assassination spot of Archduke Franz Ferdinand; the event believed to have triggered the start of the Great War.

The tour operators at Transun are more than happy to help by relaying their own expert knowledge, answering your questions on the practicalities or by suggesting excursions and activities which will suit you and your travelling party. One such excursion is that of the Transun Bosnian highlights trip. This is a two centre tour which incorporates the stunning and iconic city of Dubrovnik in the glorious country of Croatia.

This particular Transun trip lasts the course of a week and includes a guided walking tour of Sarajevo and Dubrovnik by friendly experts who will tell you all they know of the cities. Transun also include accommodation on a bed and breakfast basis, return flights and transfers.

If you would like to find out more about a Transuntour, contact a member of the team using the Transuncontact details.

Transun: Leading competitors in the travel operating industry

 TransunOrganising a holiday is a tricky business for everyone. Whether you are travelling alone, in a couple or with a group, it is difficult to find the time to plan your trip, let alone the time to get away and take a break. Thankfully, tour operator Transun has the perfect solution. Pioneered sometime in the nineties by UK-based Transun themselves, they began to offer and advertise the day-break holiday. Clients could take just one day and reach as far as Lapland, Iceland or even North Africa to experience something truly breathtaking, and still be home to sleep in their own beds that same night.

The popularity of the day-break was not just a phase. Tourists still very much continue to opt for the day-break approach to holidaying over the short or even long breaks; all of which are offered by Transun. Perhaps it is the convenience of having to plan for just one day away, or the reduced cost once accommodation is taken out of the equation, or even the fact that such a trip might leave you wanting to come back for more. Whatever it is, the day-break would appear to be on the top of everyone’s list when booking with Transun.

Today, Transun organises day trips to Lapland at hugely competitive prices, which can make for great presents or surprise holidays, especially during the festive period when spirits are high but schedules are tight.

Due to the nature of the day break, Transun is able to cater to a whole host of clients. Those who don’t have the time or the money to take a week’s long break, but have always wanted explore the Arctic Circle of Sweden, or visit Santa in his home of Lapland, no longer need to wait around all year for the chance to experience this. At Transun it can all be achieved in a day.

That isn’t to say however that quality of care is sacrificed or prices for such trips are inflated. As with all of its holidays and each one of its clients, Transun will work to find the best suited holiday for each customer, ensuring that all needs are met and personal preferences are respected. Transun believes that even though clients have cut back on time, it doesn’t mean they have to cut back on the quality of their holiday.

Transun’s innovative approach to travel in this respect leaves its clients happy and eager to return. Find the Transun contact details today on the official website for more details.

A Week or More with Transun

This is a great year to make dreams come true. Whether getting ready to propose, planning a honeymoon or anniversary, or simply in need of inspiration, Transun can help every traveller make the perfect plans. While Transun also specialises in Day Break and Short Break tours, their week long excursions offer a natural taste of luxury.

TransunTransun continually strives to design new and impressive tours for their travellers, but there are also a few tours which remain scheduled by popular demand. Whether travellers would like a holiday in the summer sun or during the chill of winter, Transun has a number of opportunities most won’t want to pass up. With Transun’s Week or More tours, any traveller can enjoy scenery and see the sites during the scheduled excursions and still have time to sit back and relax. Contrarily, if Transun tourists would rather schedule excursions for the whole stay, it is simple to customise the selected Transun tour with any of the numerous options selected according to the chosen destination.

For 2014, Transun has designed 13 different Week or More tours. Transun adventurers can visit Norway, Sweden, Finland, or any of the vibrant locations in Croatia for anywhere between three and seven nights or more with Transun’s expertly designed tours. Each tour is unique and provides travellers with the atmosphere and excursions fit for any individual, couple, or party. In addition, for travellers who are planning to propose to that special person, planning a wedding, or trying to figure out the details for the honeymoon or anniversary, Transun can help make this holiday extraordinary. Transun has a number of wedding and event co-ordinators  on staff and can help clients design an experience most couples only dream of.

Transun has been an independent and greatly revered tour operator for over 30 years, and their experience in tour design is quite apparent. When travellers book a vacation with Transun, every detail of the departure, stay, and return are taken care of. Transun puts immense effort into ensuring safe and amazing adventures for singles, couples, families and groups throughout the UK. So for those who would like this week-long holiday to be an unforgettable one, trust Transun.

Hidden Hvar: A Transun Treasure

Every traveller can experience the natural mystery our world has to offer. With Transun, natural beauty and luxury is never far. This Transun tour brings UK vacationers to Croatia’s hidden gem, and beautiful island just off the Dalmatian coast. Known as Hvar, the island is filled with historical beauty. What surprises Transunmost travellers is that the Hidden Hvar tour does not include focal activities on the beach. Instead, Transun has designed an adventure inland, where guests find all the luxuries and natural beauty of this prominent cultural jewel.

Historically known for being a major naval base during the reign of the Venetian Empire and as the hub for theater and the arts, Hvar has become an important part of Croatian culture. Located off the beautiful coast in the Adriatic Sea, Hvar is a lush island among its rocky and relatively barren neighbours. The island of Hvar is known for its rich plains and green hillsides. This luxurious landscape is only one of the features that attract travellers from around the world. In fact, Hvar is perhaps just as widely known for its hotels, restaurants, and ancient towns. One of the exciting features of this Transun tour is that you choose from many of the affluent hotels to stay at while on the island. This fun and relaxing vacation tour is designed to take in all the sights and sounds of the cities and rural landscape.

When travellers arrive on the Island of Hvar, all the colours of Hvar Town are waiting. Transun clients can book flights on various dates, ranging all the way from April through October, 2014. While any traveller can take the short, three-day excursion to the island, preparing for the seven-day stay option might be a good idea. The price of your Transun trip includes dinner at the abandoned village, a trip to one of the local vineyards, a waterside feast, accommodation, return flights, and transfer fees. During your stay, travellers will learn about the art of making olive oil and the age-old wine creation process while touring the countryside. There are also adventures individuals or couples can indulge in apart from what is on the Transun itinerary, including kayaking, biking, touring private lavender fields and olive groves, tour the town of Hvar, or even take a motor boat off the sparkling coast.

This beautiful island is a great site for photographers and painters, making it a spectacular journey for artistic singles. Travellers can also take this Transun opportunity and turn it into a dreamy honeymoon or romantic vacation for two. This gorgeous island doesn’t require an excuse to visit. Hvar is an island anyone can dream of, but Transun wants to help UK travellers get there.