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When most people think of a holiday, they imagine sunshine, blue skies and warm sea breezes; however, just as many travel enthusiasts enjoy crisp air, and snow-covered scenery. The breaks to Hetta, Lapland, offered by Transun are a favourite with many of its clients, proving that not everyone needs soaring temperatures in order to have a wonderful travel experience!  The ‘Santa’s on his way’ tour is one of its most popular breaks to Hetta provided by this tour operator.


Hetta is located in the north of the country, right next to the beautiful Lake Ounasjarvi. The village itself is quaint and charming, and has all of the basic amenities one might need, including a supermarket. It’s the perfect place to go during the weeks leading up to Christmas, with evergreen trees surrounding the town, and thick blankets of snow on the ground. Because of this magical, festive atmosphere, it’s often chosen by families with young children.

Transun provides its clients with the chance to visit Hetta and search for the hideaway log cabin, where Father Christmas resides.  The two-night break also includes a reindeer sleigh ride, snowmobile drives and lots of Christmas-themed activities for the kids. The trip begins when you arrive in Finland, after which you will be brought to your hotel in Hetta. Thermal boots and suits will be provided by a local representative during the welcome meeting. Day two starts off with the ‘Santa Safari’, which consists of a snowmobile adventure that lasts for one hour. After this, lunch will be provided and once everyone has finished their meals, the children will be given supervised snowmobile lessons.

Everyone then boards a reindeer sleigh and sets off in the hope of finding Santa Claus. After reaching Santa’s cabin, the family go inside for a special meeting with him, during which time each child will have the opportunity to speak with Santa. Dinner is then provided, and later, you can choose to join a short guided tour of the local church. If you’re not feeling too tired after the day’s activities, you can then opt for an evening Husky Safari, something which many Transun clients enjoy.

One the third day, you’ll have the opportunity to join in with lots of different snow-related activities; you can enjoy a snowball fight, make snowmen or go tobogganing. Alternatively, you can go reindeer herding. Following a delicious lunch back at the hotel, the coach will take you to Enontekio, where you fly back home.

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